I am Luxury D. Love, The Doll. I love to shake my ass, watch my 8 1/2 - 9 inch SHENIS grow and JIZZ luxury everywhere. Thats exactly what you will witness beyond this point so..... get out the Lotion, lubricant or baby oil of ur choice! ENJOY!
Sincerely,"Your Cyber Fantasy"


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so this one is different for me! I always blindfold mlcss and some of my other boys... but i never let them blindfold me.... phantom said he wanted all control and he didnt want me to see anything. so after a few thoughts i decided to record it and let u see how he tied me and blindfolded TsLuxury until she busted out and took CONTROL!!


this is for the CUM LOVERS i give the best cum shots... my favorite place is the face I JuST LOVE TO GIVE FACIALS!!!!!! but im up for you fave aswell, guys ask for the ass, for me to fill theyre mouth until they gag... ive also been asked to cover a guys entire body i havent accomplished that one yet but when i do YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO SEE! i love u more and more each day, come in and join me on cam im on NOW! send me a message!! kisses & licks, Luxury

RIDE MY HoRSEY ((I love my SLAVE))

I love ALL of my slaves but its this special one who calls himself mlcss (youll find out what that means once you watch the full MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE video).... i just adore him. he creates all of my toys & dungeon equipment for me & hes just the perfect SLAVE! as always he brought me a gift & i had to use it on him first ofcourse!! I pulled & tugged those ropes as if he was A REAL DAMN HORSE.... heee haaw then gave him the DICK he was craving... slaves this one is for you! get out your dildos and FUCK THAT PUSSY TO MY MOTION!..... YOU SLUTTY DICK HUNGRY BITCH. getty up cow BOY! sincerely YOUR Mistress Luxury


so kim K and Ray J, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee how about Luxury and Phantom from me to you my PERSONAL SEX TAPE!! this is how it goes down in my BEDROOM with EVERYONE!! pay attention very closely... i had this bitch SCREAMING!! i love slangin dick, its so funny to watch u run... punk ass nigga (((NO EDITING)))

The Tracks bka "Marilyn Mon'ROE"

Me and Phantom decided to have sum fun and go outdoors to enjoy the weather at the tracks... it was soo HOT i started sweating... it was okay with me i think SWEAT is SEXY!! as u know! im a fan of moist balls. so for air I danced around in my pretty all white sun dress which showed my ass and swayed with my dick very well! ((WOOOOW)) in the middle of him sucking on my big nice thick tatsy luxury dick the train came... I was about to nut but I held it back I wanted sum ASS!!... after the train left i fucked his throat and nutted all on his lips.... this one and part two is a MUST SEE...

Wake Up DICK

Long night of partying me and Phantom passed out DRUNK!! i woke up for a piss... yes i had to drain my SNAKE!! and he looked so sexy passed out on the floor. I had to turn on the camera and show you! once i got him fully awake i fed him his morning open eyes dose of TS DICK!!! Luxury thats is! i banged him awake while he sat in the chair up against the wall!! he almost fell acouple times but he kept holding on... that dick wasnt goin NO WHERE!! I LUV IT!


I am on tour with my sister EXXXotica Knights if you watch my youtube videos you know who she is!.... and things GET STICKY!! late night while she was sleeping i got super rock hard. dick throbbing so i snuck off to the bathroom to stroke my big black shemale dick!! i found my favorite orgy cream pie porn and jacked my dick until i busted all over my hand.... mmmm it felt so gud! i heard her in the other room moving around so i had to make sure she didnt catch me!! but honestly.. I DIDNT GIVE A FUCK!! lol ps... i miss u! luxury


In the middle of Helping his mom move into her BRAND NEW apartment... Pantoms boy pussy started getting wet and he needed some gud DICK! that craving is a mathufucka ya know! He texted me and told me he was READY!! mmm I KNEW what that ment! yo know I LOVE phantoms head he just plays with the dick makes love to it. Smiles says HELLO greets my dick before sucking. So I felt he deserved a treat!! TASTEY HONEY COVERED LUXURY DICK!!! plus cheap vodka, sprite,cigars, condoms and lube. 'OH' and his MOM was craving too! lmfao!!! ill be waiting! Luxury


I was confused on what i was going to write about this video so i went back to watch it... SWING!! my DICK GOT ROCK HARD INSTANTLY!! phantom is so damn sexy and its something about getting my dick throated and my bals sucked in the daytime out in the publics eye for the world to see!! even better when horny men coming cruising by again and again trying to sneak a peak! so this video came pretty natural honestly i just pulled out my CAM on my babys freaky ass at the park and OUT THE DICKS AND TONGUES CAME!! i guess i just LOVE SEX! lol see u inside... Luxury


This is round two of "Thats My Bitch"... I love ass! Eating it, smelling it, licking it, smacking it... talking shit to it!!! you know MY Type of sexy kinky SHIT!! I asked him pussy good?? He told me PUSSY SWEET!! so i took a taste! here another one for you! try not to come so fastthis time!! lol kisses Luxury

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