I am Luxury D. Love, The Doll. I love to shake my ass, watch my 8 1/2 - 9 inch SHENIS grow and JIZZ luxury everywhere. Thats exactly what you will witness beyond this point so..... get out the Lotion, lubricant or baby oil of  ur choice! ENJOY!
Sincerely,"Your Cyber Fantasy"




OH IM HORNY AS FUCK!. IVE been stroking my dick for about 2hrs already... IM feeling something new. Ive seen this self facial thing around alot here lately I want to see what it was about. I LOVED IT!! My Luxury Cream tastes yummy... I finally got to see why guys come back and back again to drink my cum so much. that shit is good as fuck. when im in ur city make sure u come get ur serving!!


Ts Luxury D Fucks T-Bone

every dude i fuck comes back for more and more its getting to the poiint to where i have to pick n choose wisely who i give the "D" to... u may fall inlove with the wrong side of me.. lol. T-bone is one of em thinking he love me but he only love this dick. u want sum T-bone?? u know he do! this nigga walked all the way from the west side for this dick... yea come here!

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2:30 A.M I WANT SUM!!

its 2:30 A.M and I cant shake this feeling.... I need sum ASS. DRE waking me up out the bed sending me ASS pix... i guess he want sum of the best dick in the city... Bottle, Smoke, Swishers & a Box of Condoms u know whats next xoxo Luxury D

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Lately ive been on the move recording music and making alot of changes to my website to better my career as a rapper. I ran into a guy who wants to remain anonymous(its funny how tranny loving guys are EVERYWHERE). His whole thing was he has a thrill for being on cam having sex but he doesnt want his wife or coworkers to find out. He told me he had never been FUcked B4 so i coached him on how to open his booty hole with his fingers so when we meet up i can dig him in right. While he played with his booty i sent him video and SHOWED him what he was going to FEEL once he got here.... he has arrived!

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Red Hair Tranny {PISS WIPE & DICK SWING}!!

After a long day with the family... shopping, cleaning, cooking, playing outdoors etc... i hid away on a bathroom run. if your a follower of my @TsLuxuryD twitter page (link above) you know i love to hit the br and bust a couple of nuts... especially on lunch break!! hehe. for the mud pie lovers i give u a wipe scene for my thirsty golden shower fags i give u Piss and DIck swinging.... i kept hearing noises i think someone was behind the door listening.. stay tuned next week to see whats next!! #TTime #TTIMe or #dickisbetterongirls and let me know what u wanna see me do!!

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Hidden Camera

as i was doing my weekly vlog promoting my first DVD "The beginning Of Luxury D. Love" & its sale!! there was a strange knock at the door.... i peeked out trying no to reveal my halfnakedness, the person was familiar. i let him in and kept the camera rolling!!! ssshhhh i wont tell if u wont!

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Valentines Day Suprise

i know u had a long hard day at work... i just want to show u how much i appreciate you! you support every project and go in for me in any and everyway u can for that #iluvu. [FOLLOW THE ROSE PEDALS].... Happy Valentines Day!

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i had to use two cams for him check out this other angle... dude ass is gud

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Jack OFF and FACIAL with T-BONE

met a hot new guy named TBONE says hes been seeing my site for awhile and he wanted to get on it. so i invited him over for a chit chat. one thing led to another, i was naked then we was naked. he said he wanted to jack me off , ok cool! i bet he didnt know by the end of it all i was going to have him choking throwing up and slobbering all on his self.... POWER OF A BIG DICK

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Masturbation BREAK

working hard on alot of new up n coming videos and ideas... i did my first cam show on cam4 and i got so hot n horny i had to jump on cam for you aswell! this is alittle something special! i took a break from working and busted a big nut for your eyes ONLY!! ps... the nut made me shake n tear up when it came out!!! i love sex im such a damn freak

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>>BREAKING NEWS!!<< FAIRYGodMother CanyLand Luxury NEEDS UR HELP!!

WOW NOW CanyLand LUXURY wants to do PORN! i cant wait to see what naughty but nice sweet n sticky fun is coming NOW?!? Candy Luxury is too sweet she doesnt know a thing about porn but Fairy GodMother will help! The only thing is her wings arent big enough yet to fly so she needs ur help!! Watch EVERY VIDEO and help FairyGod MOther GROW her wings! each video her wings will get BIGGER and BIGGER!! then she'll be able to ENTER CandyLand and Help Luxury... lets play! xoxo

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I was asked by a fan (via) twitter to do a all white WET Tshirt video... I planned on making it a contest with a few other tgirl friends of mine and making it fun with water guns and balloons and everything... but I got so excited about doing it I grabbed the cam logged in online and hoped in the shower... its still coming but for NOW... LETS GET WET!!! u could see my nipples right threw the shirt PERFECTLY #LOVE IT and the warm shower againt my balls while strocking felt wonderful! made me cum all in the water... wanna taste?
ps... this video was spur of the moment so relax get out ur lube and lets have sum laughs and sum NUTS!!

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OMG it is soo hot in florida today! I ran to the store half naked and still broke a sweat! Rushing into my hotel room to strip naked infront of the A/C, i open the dresser drawer to put my purse in and WHAT DO U KNOW!?! someone left theyre things like they always do. I was upset at first but then ((IDEA!!)) STAY TUNED!!
ps... you wouldnt want to miss this!!

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"I TsLuxuryD Love SLAPPED & GAGGED A FAN!! "

I am on my twitter and youtube daily talking to you guys getting to know u individually and giving u all sides of me. The conversation always gets hot & before you know it we are talking under eachothers clothes. I tell you how good my dick is and how good im going to fuck you when we meet but THIS TIME ITS REALITY!! one of my twiiter fans came on over and we had the time of our LIFE! join in to see what happen NEXT TIME IT COULD BE YOU!
ps... the "D" is for DICK!!

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**BONUS video coming soon**